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VTOL Aircraft World Record! DA-60 Ran Over 22 Hours Straight!

Discussion in 'VTOL Aircraft' started by garlandk, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Rpotter90

    Rpotter90 New to GSN!

    Amazing work! And talk about fuel economy!
  2. Just a wee tad over 29 oz per hour, impressive stuff.
  3. Interesting reading. Quite an accomplishment, Id like to know more about the EFI system for the powerplant. Is it true FADEC/closed loop system or what?
  4. I have a 50 and a 100 and the manuals for both, they have Walbro carbs on them not EFI which is a quantum leap away from a carb. Wish there was more info on the unit in this story. Oh well!
  5. True EFI or FADEC as its referred to in general aviation use (Fully Automated Digital Engine Control) requires sensors ie Exhaust (O2 Sensor) barometric, manifold, intake temp, engine temp, MAP (manifold absolute pressure) throttle position, wide open throttle and maybe others. Lastly a computer, ECU (electronic control unit) to gather all this data and send the pulses to the injector, most of these systems require about 30 psi of fuel pressure as well as controlling the ignition timing. I cant see all this in a model airplane but things keep getting smaller and lighter and I'd sure like to know more about the system in this aircraft.
  6. DA offers a 120 EFI. last I saw cost was about $4K
  7. I believe it, if it's really EFI and from the price if it, it seems likely. I'll have to go and read up on it, not like I could afford it but I'd just like the info.
  8. DA site doesn't list a 12o with EFI that I can find. I was all over it last night, no joy.

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