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USRA 2015 Race of Champions

Discussion in 'Member Event Coverage' started by flgboy, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. flgboy

    flgboy New to GSN!

    The Unlimited Scale Racing Association (USRA) 2015 Race of Champions proved once again how exciting giant-scale pylon racing can be, with fast action racing and speeds that routinely exceed that of NASCAR and Formula One motor sports.

    Insanely fast planes (in Unlimited, running on alcohol-fueled 150cc-200cc engines) with straight pipe exhausts. Five of those planes competing in a heat or trophy race is not too far off from the roar of an F/A 18 taking off with an afterburner. Fast planes, great comradery and cutting edge innovation. What’s not to like about giant scale racing?

    Held at Rabbit Dry Lake near Victorville, California, the Race of Champions is a test of skills and endurance as pilots keep their airplanes in the running over three days, building to the winner take all championship trophy races held on the final day.

    With over $8,000 in prizes and cash purses at stake, pilots and crew compete fiercely, but do whatever it takes to help each other out in the pits to keep all the planes up and running.

    This year’s event fielded five aircraft classes plus an insane speed dash to see who had the mettle to run their plane as fast as possible right on the deck.

    The heat races leading up to each class’ trophy race are great to watch as each pilot is seeking points to qualify for the trophy races. A great example is the Unlimited Class heat 4 race from this year’s event:

    This year’s class and speed dash winners are:

    Experimental: Dave Smith (Snowflake, AZ)
    Unlimited: Kyle Goodwine (Mira Loma, CA)
    Formula One Pro: Ryan Wheless (Flagstaff, AZ)
    Formula One GT: Augie Haupt (Cleveland, OH)
    Sportsman: Augie Haupt (Cleveland, OH)
    Speed Dash: Peter Goldsmith (Monticello, IL)

    Jeff Powell also set a world record in the Unlimited Class with a blistering fast time of 1:09.4, breaking Dave Smith’s 2013 record of 1:10.8. This was not a one-hit wonder speed, speed records have to be repeated at the same event within 3% to be given world record status. Facing strong and gusty headwinds on the course, Peter Goldsmith achieved 240 mph in the Speed Dash, winning the $4,000 cash purse.

    Experimental Class trophy race:

    Unlimited Class trophy race:

    Formula One Pro Class trophy race:

    Formula One GT Class trophy race:

    Sportsman Class trophy race:

    Speed Dash:
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  2. flgboy

    flgboy New to GSN!

    Kyle Goodwine, Unlimited Class winner
    Ryan Wheless, Formula One Pro Class Winner with his caller Chris Justus and crew chief Jeff Wheless

    Augie Haupt, Sportsman and Formula One GT Class winner

    Scott and Kathleen Pope working on their Sportsman Class Nemesis

    Ready for another day of racing

    Tom Keating, Chris Justus and Peter Goldsmith in the pits
    Horizon Hobby.jpg

    Whoops, good plane gone bad
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  3. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    Pretty cool!

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