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Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Pilots Announced

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by WoodisGood, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. WoodisGood

    WoodisGood 30cc

    Were happy to announce the pilot list for this year’s Tucson Aerobatic Shootout. This will be the 11th T.A.S. and it is being held at the Tucson International ModelplexPark Association on Oct 14th thru the 18th 2015. It’s always been our goal to invite the top pilots from around the world to compete so this year we assembled a committee and reviewed results from previous contests as well as personal knowledge of a pilots capabilities. This should turn out to be very competitive TAS.

    In past years we have held a freestyle contest flown on Saturday and Sunday. To fly in freestyle you also had to compete in the IMAC portion of the event. This year we have decided to separate the two events and have freestyle rounds on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ( five rounds total )! This opened up the opportunity to invite pilots that specialize in freestyle flight.

    Top pilots selected from around the world will be competing. Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA will all be represented.

    The event is open to the public and we would like to invite everyone to come watch the best Precision and Freestyle pilots in the world compete for cash, prizes, and the title of “Tucson Aerobatic Champion”. There will be food vendors on site as well as industry vendors. If you would like to support the event as a sponsor, please contact Desert Aircraft.

    See you in October!


    Nick Pinzon –Canada

    Gabrial Altuz –Puerto Rico

    Aaron Garle –Australia

    Frazer Briggs –New Zealand

    Gernot Bruckman –Austria

    Werner Kohlberger –Australia

    Nicolas Detry - USA

    Matt Stringer - USA

    Todd Bridges –USA

    Andrew Jesky –USA

    Mark Leseberg Jr –USA

    David Moser –USA

    Kurt Koelling –USA

    Jason Shulman –USA


    Mark Easton –Australia

    Josh Bayes –Australia

    Steve Greig –New Zealand

    Toshihito Watanobe –Japan

    Dennis Heskamp -Germany

    Bill Adams –USA

    Dean Lampron –USA

    Neil Westdorp –USA

    Spencer Nordquist –USA

    Andrew Taylor _ USA

    Curtis Pilcher –USA

    Bryant Mack -USA


    Jorge Berra –Mexico

    Kal Reifsnyder –USA

    Santiago Perez –USA

    Rusty Fried –USA

    Kim Quenette –USA

    Mark Dennis –USA

    Kyle Dahl –USA

    Craig Guest - USA


    Brent Bullen –Canada

    Howard Pilcher –USA

    Jacob Campbell –USA

    Randy Wegner –USA

    Alex Dreiling –USA

    Jason Neves –USA

    Bill Evans –USA

    Dave Hargrove –USA

    Mike Marcellin –USA


    Mike Briggs –New Zealand

    Jim McCall –USA

    John Wolcott –USA

    Jacques Telles –USA

    Michael Triebe –USA

    John Grabow –USA


    Gariel Altuz–Puerto Rico

    Nicolas Detry –France

    Gernot Bruckman –Austria

    Matt Stringer –USA

    Andrew Taylor –USA

    Jase Dussia –USA

    Todd Bridges –USA

    Spencer Nordquist –USA

    Kal Reifsnyder –USA

    Kyle Dahl –USA

    Kim Quenette –USA

    Mark Dennis –USA

    Joe Smith –USA

    Bryant Mack -USA
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2015
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  2. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    VERY impressive lineup!
  3. witchfingers

    witchfingers 70cc twin V2

    How come my name is not on there!!!!!!!!! Oh that's right, I suck compared to these guys. Lol.
    Pbilt024 likes this.
  4. Richo

    Richo New to GSN!

    Awesome! Cant wait!
    Jetpainter, Lojik and SleepyC like this.
  5. Now that is an impressive lineup of pilots.
    SleepyC likes this.

  6. Nice!
    Great job picking the pilots. Everyone that popped into my mind is on that list.:way_to_go:
  7. Knife-Edge

    Knife-Edge 50cc

    Btw Kyle Dahl flying in the advanced and freestyle categories. Is he the same guy who's a top heli pilot? Also gave a demo with his heli and another guy flying a pilot extra at joe nall this year.
    SleepyC likes this.
  8. Yup, the same Kyle Dahl.
  9. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    And the other dude is Andrew Taylor :cool: Looks like Andrew is in Freestyle and Unlimited.
  10. Bogan

    Bogan New to GSN!

    Happy Times ! Tucson or bust ... Kiwis will be there. Get the beers in.
    Lojik likes this.

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