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Sim sessions!

Discussion in 'Flight Simulators' started by gyro, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Have not been on the sim in forever :(
    Session LIVE NOW
    Name: 3DRCFORUMS
    Phoenix 5
  2. Sim Session UP on Phoenix 5
    Name: 3DRCForums
  3. Its been forever but I'm back on, feel free to join me.
    Session Name: 3DRCForums
  4. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Great to see you back on Charlie! Sorry i don't have phoenix!
  5. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Best upgrade from RF 6.5 to 7.5? Link? Thanks.
  6. No download for RF, you have to buy the disk. It is worth the purchase though
  7. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Thanks. I'll have to bite the bullet I guess. Can planes be transferred? I assume KE swap page has upgraded/ updated too.
  8. Well all the planes from 6.5 are in 7.5 plus more, and it includes multi rotors as well. And you can download planes from Knife Edge software from any previous version as well. And most of the add on packs from previous versions are in 7.5 as well. I bought my copy when it was 7.0 and it did a free upgrade to the 7.5 when it came out and I do like this version the best.
  9. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Ordered upgrade. See you guys on line.
  10. Let me know when... Ill do my best to be there.... That would be fun!

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