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RedWing RC Power Boards- Pro Series

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by SleepyC, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Redwing RC Power Boards- Pro Series

    Power_board_RC_plane_09.jpg Power_board_RC_plane_10.jpg Power_board_RC_plane_16.jpg

    The Pro series Power Boards available at RedwingRC have many benefits and features that will keep your planes up and running at their best.

    Adding a power board to your plane allows you to have better wire management, keep track of how much voltage is going to which servos, and using two batteries provides redundancy. A second battery is a great way to avoid crashes due to power failure. Depending on the board, there are different ways the batteries will discharge. Either one battery will discharge first and then switch over to the other or they will balance while discharging simultaneously to ensure battery levels are equal.

    RedwingRC has three different Pro boards: Red, Yellow, and Black. Each is slightly different, so choosing one will depend on your needs (check out RedwingRC.com for more info). All three allow for a third battery to be used for the ignition- this electronically isolates the two main power supplies which in turn prevents interference from the ignition.

    Choosing the right Power board is easy and can make flying more enjoyable because you will know exactly what is going on inside you plane. Knowing voltage is essential and diagnosing issues will become much easier.

    All Pro Power Boards from RedwingRC:

    - Digital display, making it easy to see what voltage is going in and out of all devices.

    - LED Light and audible alarm, notifying you if you system drops below a voltage that you set.

    - Buttons to program the voltage.

    - 8 channels in, 16 channels out (+ ignition)

    - Integrated CDI remote cut off (OPTO KILL) switch to kill your engine

    - Built in regulator that supplies a clean 5v to your receiver

    - Receiver wires pre-installed

    - XT Connectors

    - Accept batteries with dean style connectors

    ALL NEW 4000 SERIES!


    Completely redesigned from the ground up, with these new Power Expander Boxes, you are able to use 2 batteries with redundancy to avoid possible crashes from battery failure. Simply plug in your batteries with Deans style connectors to this Power Board Expander (Our LiFE batteries are perfect for this) and you now have 2 batteries working in tandem to supply your servos AND ignition.

    These new versions offer SEVERAL new features:
    1) Digital read out on ALL models - so you know the voltage going IN and OUT of all devices (see photo)
    2) LED and audible alarm for ALL models that you can set to warn when your system drops below a voltage of your choosing
    3) TOUCH button programming to select your warning voltage
    4) Wires to your RX are PRE-installed
    5) Enclosed lightweight and strong plastic housing
    6) XT-60 Connectors

    The Power Board Box electronically isolates the batteries from each other so that there is no interference possible from your ignition. It also regulates the voltage down to an ideal voltage to your RX (5v) and then is select-able to your servos (yellow and black units only - the red unit offers the same voltage as your batteries to the servos).

    You can Plug in, up to 8 servos into the board (12 servos with the Elite Series), which has 2 outputs for EACH channel, effectively DOUBLING the number of servos you can use in a plane ( a total of 16 output channels) without reducing the amperage (that a Y cable would cause).

    These Power Expanders also features LED lights to give you clear indication of if your batteries are connected and working properly, as well as voltage etc.

    They feature a mounting space in the middle to mount your RX and also include mounting hardware to mount it securely to your plane.

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  2. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    Looks as if they did a real good job updating their product. COOL!

    Not trying to "flame" at all but their previous series had some serious issues and they took the feedback and made it GOOD!
    It is good to know that the "serious" factor of RC (especially electronics) is factored in with the Mfg.
  3. -Rick-

    -Rick- 70cc twin V2

    Are these able to reverse channels?
  4. Nice stuff!
  5. ghoffman

    ghoffman 70cc twin V2

    A means of dialing in the ignition voltage would be nice.


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