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How To Embed Videos In Your Posts

Discussion in 'R/C Videos and Pictures' started by bigblueswope, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. bigblueswope

    bigblueswope 100cc

    The new site isn't quite up to automatically figuring out that links to youtube are "video" links so it does not automatically embed the video here in the threads.


    The link above is treated like any regular link, click it and youtube pops up in a new tab or window.

    but if you use the button that looks like a film strip it will give you a place to imbed the url in a "video" tag and then it will be embedded here as seen below.

    If you don't see the buttons like the film strip button, scoll down below where you are composing your post and click the "Go Advanced" button, that will display the various buttons that allow you to make a more complex reply.
  2. bigblueswope

    bigblueswope 100cc

    [MENTION=4]Bartman[/MENTION] or [MENTION=5]SleepyC[/MENTION] can you please make this thread sticky.

  3. Hey thanks foe the tip...
  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    consider it sticky. thanks for helping by posting good info like this.

  5. Ok that's nice. Where is the button that looks like a film strip? I need moer info then that.:)
  6. Yeah..I'm still looking for the little film strip and so far it has eluded me but my eye sight is not as good as it once was...
  7. Third button from the end when you hit quick reply, fifth from the end with the regular reply button.

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