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Extreme Flight 83/76 MXS EXP

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by JaseTheAce, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. JaseTheAce

    JaseTheAce 30cc

    Here is a thread for the brand new Extreme Flight 83" MXS EXP. I have really been liking mine and I'm very happy with it. I have a DA-35 with an ES composite tuned pipe spinning a Falcon 20x9. I am running Hitec 7955s all around. It's an extremely aggressive airplane that flies light 3D and precision on rails. Please post any pictures and videos of the MXS and feel free to ask any questions.

    Here is video of mine with the DA-35:


    Here is Jeff Williams' with the DA-50:


  2. Ohio AV8TOR

    Ohio AV8TOR Guest

    Finally got around to bringing the camera tonight to get some pictures of the great vinyl Eric did for me on my 83" Extreme Flight MXS.  His work is not only fantastic the quality of the product is simply amazing.

    I had a big scare tonight.  So as I am still breaking in my VVRC 40 so just trying to keep air going through the cowl to keep temps down I was doing some 1/3 throttle slow turning rollers to the left and when I stopped I noticed it was pulling to the left pretty good and I could tell something was not right.  I set up for a landing but was pretty challenging as I needed close to 1/4 right aileron to fly straight.  Coming out of the turn on finial was very hard needing almost full control.  I decided to drift off the paved runway and land on the grass as I felt I needed to keep speed up for fear or it rolling left where I could not get out.  I killed ignition right before touchdown and arriving to the plane I had not left aileron response.  After getting to the pits I swapped left for right connections and still no left aileron.  Getting home I removed the servo and the extension and plugged direct to the receiver I still have nothing at the servo not even a sound.  So I guess I have a blown servo which is concerning.  They are all new Savox 1270's and this was only flight 5 on them.  

    Took a while for the pucker to leave my gut but all and all we live to fly another day as it could have been real bad.  




  3. These old eyes just don't see like they used to plus I love the bottom wing look on my 60" Laser so I removed the checkers and went with stripes on my MXS. Can't wait to see it in flight now.


  4. Alky6

    Alky6 150cc

    very cool. like the stripes. very ambitious, I might add.
  5. Liberty10

    Liberty10 New to GSN!

    I'm wondering why this thread has had so little activity. This is an awesome airframe. I have the same setup as Jase. DA35 w/ES Pipe but I've been using the Vess 20B. I have about 2-3/4 gallons it now. I got 2 very fun flights on Sunday. Hoping to get some more this coming weekend too.

  6. jwilliams

    jwilliams 30cc

    My opinion is that there just is not that much traffic on this site at this point to get more activity on this thread.
  7. Bhughes

    Bhughes 70cc twin V2


    Eme 35 he was going to use a da 35 but it shook so much he didn't trust it and sent it back to da
    Test run even after it was on the stand for a bit before mounting. After this vid he took it off and put on the eme
  8. 3Dchief

    3Dchief 70cc twin V2

    Keep up the posts on here, this plane has been calling my name, as well as the VVRC 40cc. But I'm torn, I have a spare 50cc sitting on the shelf that would fit in this plane nicely and be foamy power!
  9. Bhughes

    Bhughes 70cc twin V2


    Another flight from today.
  10. Robbins

    Robbins Team WTFO (Watch The Fun Occur)

    I am considering this for my new VVRC 40 twin. I can get the engine cool enough, im not too concerned about that. what im wondering is there enough room without cutting cowl?

    is balance going to be an issue I heard 35 with pipe gets her balanced nicely so I imagine ill be ok.

    torn between this and the edge

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