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640cc Uber Pimp
Phone: 419-490-4271

Blue Bird USA was established in 2019. The principle, Michael Sell, noticed a need in the servo market for a high-quality line of servos with outstanding reliability all offered at a reasonably price point. It is principle’s goal to bring Blue Bird servos to the mainstream in the US market and give the modeling community a fantastic option for all their servo needs.

Our parent company, Blue Bird Corporation, was founded in 1978 and has been on the modeling scene ever since. It is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in RC cars, boats, aircraft as well as racing and competition. As of 2015 Blue Bird has obtained its ISO 9001 certification for quality control. This certification is a function of their dedication to produce high quality reliable products while maintaining a goal of continuous improvement.

Don't See What You are Looking For?
Don’t see it on the site? Then please ask. Blue Bird USA has access to the entire line up of Blue Bird products. This website focuses on what the market demands, and the organization feels are the most popular products that work for 90% of our customers. Never fear though for the rest. If Blue Bird offers it, we can get it in the US for you. Just send an email for inquiries on other Blue Bird products.


Just stumbled across this. Nice to see more of an influence here in the USA for this brand. I know some guys here will appreciate this!
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