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Any Monokote users here?

Discussion in 'Covering and Painting' started by Truckracer, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Billy J

    Billy J 50cc

    image.jpg Last project make over 35 % Panzel with Hobby King yellow and orange with silver monakote Something diff
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  2. Very nice but I'm partial. GREAT AIRPLANE!!!!!! LOL

  3. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Hey that scheme looks kinda familiar! :D


    I have been itching to tear one of my airplanes apart and throw down Monokote on it. I just did this last night with Ultracote and it was a no fuss process, makes me wonder how Monokote will compare...

    12494702_10210026971017765_1081488800073851659_n.jpg 12924435_10210026971377774_3406909519006767662_n.jpg
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  4. Here's the Line-Control I'm working on for a friend, he wanted it simple but I had to do something different so I made the stripe on the fuse run diagonal. Just have to finish the rudder and add a Charcoal canopy and she'll be done.

  5. Very NICE !!
    It is so good to see some one that can build and finish a plane , the good old fashion way.
    I see threads about building and ARF. I think they are missing the fun of Modeling. One of the best rewards
    Is seeing what you have created and it fly's and you did it.
    Thank you for showing .

    Remember this is just a hobby, so just have fun!!
  6. Finished covering my friends Line-Control tonight. Just need to add the control joiners and glue the hinges in and I can deliver it to him (he gets to rig it).

    Not that it helps with orientation any in a LC, but I put some silver "Cheater Checkers" on the bottom of the wings to help distinguish trop from bottom, and added a 3/16" silver stripe behind the blue.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
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  7. I guess I have been covering with Monokote for the last 30 + years or so and have dealt with the pains of the changes in Monokote several times over those years. Back in the day Monokote was very easy to use, it shrank good, stuck good, and had good consistency in color. Each change over the years seams to have continually played havoc with shrinkage and color consistency mostly and I have had to change and adapt to new methods of covering with it. Monokote still sticks well once I get it down but it is allot of trouble to work with. Now days if I am going to cover an airframe I only buy the 25' rolls to insure color consistency throughout a project and because of the poor shrinkage quality of Monokote these day I have adapted to the buddy system when covering, especially the big ones. I always have a buddy work with me and together we pull the Monokote tight as I tack tack the perimeter, when done this way there is very little tightening to do in the first place. I know it sounds like allot of trouble but when Monokote is down tight it looks like a painted surface and hard to beat. So yes I still prefer Monokote over the other plastic coverings.


    012 (2).jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg 024-1jpg.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
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  8. Flyingjon

    Flyingjon 70cc twin V2

    That's a beautiful plane! My recover project has been a learning experience, and I've used both monokote and ultracote on it. But the quality of the finish and the look of monokote, are almost enough to make me drop ultracote.
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  9. I've been using monokote since the mid eighties. I've tried several other brands through those years, essentially was given too me, and I always come back. I like the extra strength that it provides during the covering process with being able to stretch it in those hard corners. Here is my latest 2 recovers that I've done. the first is a PAU extra 300 and the second is a great planes Pitts M12

    _DSC3701.JPG IMG_4287.JPG
  10. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    F1.jpg Monokote will never give you a finish like glass & paint, if you have this in mind when you cover a model with the stuff then you cannot be upset with the end result. I still use Monokote for my "fun-fly" models, it's light, easy to fix, and quick to iron on. From a distance it turns out looking OK and you just have to live with it. I have been covering models with the stuff since it first came out, I remember Monokote only had a few basic colors when it was first released.
    This is a PAU Edge 540T that I made some changes to in addition to a recover with Monokote, all the lettering is hand cut and ironed on. The flag on the tail is 37 separate parts on each side, lots of tedious work!
    Larry B F7.jpg F8.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
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