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74" EF Laser

Discussion in 'How To- 3D Flying and Aerobatics Flying' started by wsherrill, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. [​IMG] would a 30cc dle work on a ef 74" laser
  2. UCPILOT110

    UCPILOT110 New to GSN!

    It should work ok, but if have the option of a 35cc it will be better, I have the 74" Edge 540 fitted with a dle 35 ra and it was very tail heavy. I end up putting a 5200 pack in the motor box to get the cg close.
  3. jonnyflyboy

    jonnyflyboy 30cc

    Depends on your flying style, a 30 will pull it around but a 35 is definitely better. Many at RCGroups will say a gasser will not 3D anything, not sure where this comes from, it is pure bs but hey it's the internet.

    Do you already have the 30cc?
  4. 30 will be fine.

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