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Wild Wednesday Sale !!! 24 Hrs Only!

Discussion in 'RedwingRC.com' started by TimP, May 11, 2016.

  1. TimP

    TimP GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    MAY_11_01.jpg MAY_11_02.jpg

    RedwingRC TruCote Covering

    Only $2 / Foot

    Available in 15 Different Colors!

    TruCote covering is a high tech polyester covering that is sensitive to heat which makes it easy to apply to your plane.

    This covering offers high adhesion, fuel proof/waterproof covering for your plane. Easy to apply using a heat gun and/or iron.

    *If you need a small patch or want to change up your scheme – we’ve got you...covered




    $75 OFF Yak 54 & Yak 55!

    24 Hours ONLY!

    The Yak54 30cc is known for its aerobatic excellence!

    The RedwingRC 30cc Yak excels at both 3d and precision flying. It has very scale features that closely match the original Yak 54 and this 30cc size replica has a beautiful original scheme.

    The RedwingRC Yak 54 and has been designed for the best RC performance and like all our planes, it will not disappoint!

    30cc Yak 54


    Now only $314.99


    The Yak 55M like its related Yak 54, has great qualities for both 3d and precision flying. It has very scale features that closely match the original Yak 55M.

    The Yak 55M is lightweight enough to fly great, but as ALL our Redwing models, this 30cc Yak 55m has been reinforced in all the right places such as the fire wall, landing gear, and other vulnerable spots.

    30cc Yak 55


    Now only $314.99


    For $75 OFF, at checkout enter code: YAKATTACK


    *Coupon Valid with Yak 54 or Yak 55 ONLY!

    Happy Flying!



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