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What Wheels to use for 35% plane?

Discussion in 'IMAC>>>Aircraft, Techniques, Equipment, etc.' started by Chuck21, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    I think aluminum landing gear is far more helpful than softer tires when you get to landing hard enough to tear out the gear. I've never torn out landing gear, other than retracts, but my last 100cc plane survived many harder landings without damage due to the aluminum gear.
  2. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Sullivan are nice. Dubro's are just as nice. I have been using the TL series on all my planes. 50cc clear up to my big birds. The hold up well, have great shock absorbing features. I can't remember if I had 4" or 4.5" on my PAU. But I do have the 4.5" on my Pilot Edge. 5.0" on my 260 and I believe 5's on the Sukhoi. I will admit they do have flat spotting affect to them when sitting idle for an hour or two. However after a few revolutions with the weight of the aircraft on them, they round up nicely and quite quickly. White Rose are very nice. I have some of those also. But economically speaking, Dubro TL series for me.

  3. Without any more comments on shock absorption let me try to help in analyzing the structure in your ARF and what is the best way to repair damage to the landing gear area. The ARF designer put the majority of the fuselage strength into the engine box and the wing tube attachment area. These are the two areas that see most of the stress loading, assuming we exclude the landing gear mounting plate.

    Now, the name of the game is to get these two areas involved in supporting the landing gear mounting plate. The simplest way is to build an "I" beam bridge on both sides of the fuselage. From these bridges construct a vertical light ply former down to the landing gear mounting plate. I realize the fuel tank may complicate this so you may have to angle the vertical former or possible use two of them. If this is clear as mud I can draw something up if requested.

    I do this with all my planes before they make their first flight and have yet to tear out a gear plate on landing.
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  4. rate1

    rate1 30cc

    image.jpeg I agree with the White Rose argument that wheels are for rolling and the landing gear for shock absorbation. Purhaps I'm biased by having WR wheels myself on my 70cc, but I like this item which is a first class product. Imagine being able to give such a statment towards a simpel product like a rc planes wheel. In my mind the argument should instead be if you are looking for the lightest weight wheel suitable for your plane which also will be a less durable wheel, or adding a little weight for a more durable product. This would also be more obvious when using a hard surface runway. Another benefit with WR is easy wipe off of dirt and mud from soft surface runway. The WR wheels will last for a long time and do what it was intended to do without complaints. In the end it is only a wheel. Either you care for details or you don't and you make your selection after your preferences. I don't belive a foam wheel is going to save you from ripping out your gear. This as it rips out from a weak construction and a bad landing and not being crushed into the plane. If any relation it should be the opposite, that a rubber type of tire does not snag and cling but rolls more freely than that of a foam tire. Is it worth the extra dollar? For me it is also because I know that I support an honest buisness. Not to meantion that I like the look of em.
    Last edited: May 26, 2016
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  5. I always appreciate it when someone agrees with any of my analyses :) His location brings up another point that has been a problem for me since I started making products for the RC flyers. I sell about 10% of my products through my web site to the international market. I have a distributor on Australia who handles that island. At the moment I sell more product to Israel and Russia than I do to the entire European market. There has to be a reason for this but I would love to know what it is. I generally get very positive feed back from the European customers I have but their number never seems to grow. When the dollar's value declined in relation to the Euro I thought it would help but not so.
  6. ChickenBalls

    ChickenBalls "Cool Guy"

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  7. rate1

    rate1 30cc


    Vern, ask Herve at PAU why. There seam to be some diverging mentality btw US and EU regarding this matter. For instance fiberglass models appear to be more comon here in the EU, than in the US where more guys seam to prefer built up models. Not only this, but also powerboxes from Emcotec, or 3W engines seam to be more popular here in EU than in the US. Sometimes people tend to get what is mfg closer to them? Quality vise, DA engines, WR wheels ect are also top notch.
    Last edited: May 30, 2016

  8. Will do, thanks for the tip.
  9. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Are those the same ones you are sending to me? Awesome!!! Tanks bro.:laughing:
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  10. ChickenBalls

    ChickenBalls "Cool Guy"

    @stangflyer Rob, these are wannabe PIMP wheels, you need the GANGSTER ones like @emtp275 has, first pic is his. THe others are mine. I invited Rex who own"s AirMan wheels to come join us here. Pulled her pants off, along with the Barbie vet wheels, and chunked em in a box, installed the wannabe Pimp, damn now the plane done passed me on the SEXY scale.

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