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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


You know I rarely see anyone doing one. Many ask what are you doing! I've done many this year, first time out was flying with new firmware (FrSky V1 to V2) on both the transmitter and receiver, engine off/engine on. Then the new Taranis 2019 SE with old ACCST receivers, then with the ACCESS receivers, and finally with new RX8R PRO receiver, I've only had three or four flights this year that didn't start with a range check. Next time out will be with the Champ so another test is in order. I always check a new installation or new equipment, never do after passing the original test though.
I did change the speaker and the sound is better and reconfigured the radio so that the volume control is same as my old radio, for some reason the left slider worked backwards so the signal is now inverted, pushing the slider up increases the volume. Maybe setting the volume to a fixed setting would be a better solution?
Still studying the plans, the more I look the more I think a short kit is in order. The span is 10" larger than the previous model


I am the president of our club. It was written in the club rules long before I joined that a range check must be done be fore each flying session. I always do it on a new install but do not really see the point after that. But being what I am to the club I always do it.


640cc Uber Pimp
What a beautiful story and airplane - with a tragic ending though. That is zero fun right there. Sorry man.


Was doing a little web surfing this morning and ended up at the Williams Brothers site, they have hit some bad times and looks like everything on their store is backordered. This resulted in more searches and finally I remembered that I had bought a 30% scale Life Like pilot figure for Byron Glasair project, the figure was stuffed inside a spare fuselage, pulled it out this morning. The quarter scale Life Like pilot was installed in the original Cherokee. I got many comments about the figure over the years. The 30% figure looks like a good fit for this model.


Been thinking about the construction details. Hoping this plane will be an everyday flyer much like the original. My current line of thinking of course subject to change is as follows;
Wings will be foam rib construction with wing tube rather than the box spar design. The 25% scale version flew on a 1" carbon fiber tube of unknown origin. At this point I'm thinking open bay rather than fully sheeted.
Will use the formers from the kit for the fuselage
The stab will be a stabilator design rather than the stab/elevator design shown on plans, this maybe foam rib as well. The trunnion will be a carbon fiber tube riding on a fiberglass tube made with carbon power mixed with epoxy.
The plane will be film covered rather than glass/paint.
5/8" Robart Robostruts, the 1/2" Robostruts held up through 8 years of abuse on the original plane.
White/Sky Blue scheme same as the original, might go red of green. Need to surf Airliners.net.
Time to clean the work bench off and start fresh.


Short kit came today but so did my gas logs and burner. I need to finish the remodeling work first, the logs were ordered on 3/4/21 arrived 6/21/21! Of course they blamed CoVid, society latest excuse for not getting work done. National Balsa got my short kit to me in less than a week!


Cowl and wheel pants arrived yesterday from Fibertech-n-More, nice and light parts. This plane is 10% larger then my previous Cherokee but the cowl looks so much larger. I had to use a 1/4"-32 plug on the left cylinder to avoid cutting a hole in the cowl, will not be problem on this cowl, over 12" across where the cylinders at located. Doing yard work yesterday, the cowl and pants arriving was to only fun part of the day.