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Welcome JTEC Radiowave

Discussion in 'JTEC Radiowave' started by Bartman, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, how long is the 41% Pitts 12 fuse with the tailfeathers removed?
  2. I just double checked mine and from the front of the cowling to the hinge line on the rudder it is 89" and with the tail on the overall length is 102" (without spinner).
  3. Thanks. It looks like (from the builder's guide) that the fin + rudder and the stab +elev comes off as one assembly. I assume the tail servos stay in the fuse? I'm pretty sure I can get a 90" fuse in my Scion Xb.
  4. Yep , it does come off as a one piece unit and the servos stay with the fuse.

  5. I have a quick question regarding the plywood engine standoffs for a DA100. I am using a total of 5 separate pieces for my Taylorcraft and am wondering if I should glue them together ?

    Thanks guys, IMHO, their is no better customer service than JTEC provides.
  6. I normally put the bolts through all of them and just tack them with CA just so they stay aligned with eachother. Gluing them together certainly will not hurt!
  7. Thanks Kevin. I would rather not glue them permanently so I could perhaps re-use at a later date.

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