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Suggestion Twitter account

Discussion in 'Site Tutorials, Requests, Bug Reports, etc.' started by SteelHusker, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Any plans for GSN to use Twitter? Could be used to announce major events, new articles on GSN home page or link to articles on other sites that relate to our hobby. (AMA, etc). Also, could be used to tweet images from major events like Nall.

    Just a thought.

    Love the site and keep up the good work.
  2. ericb

    ericb Team WTFO GSN Contributor

    Already out there. I joined twitter just for this reason.
  3. Thanks. I did a quick search on Twitter but must have fat fingered it.
  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    it happens

    not much giant scale activity on twitter except for the larger distributors so when we're tweeting it doesn't seem like anyone's even there to notice.

    twitter's pretty awesome though once the network of users decides to tune in

    again our handle is @giantscalenews

    we'd love to be able to tweet more from events and when we're at the field banging sticks, doing reviews, horsing around, etc


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