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Twisted launches THE RACER SERIES...

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by Rolling.Circle, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. http://www.twistedhobbys.com/31-EPP-Twisted-Racer-Series-Nemesis-Blue-Racer-Nemesis-Blue.

    Here's a plane from the new RACER SERIES from Twisted Hobbys. This is The Nemesis. It's a fantastic fun machine. The plane is designed for speed, racing and all kinds of fun. It's a Cody Wojcik design so you know it delivers a truly great flying experience. It's got the extremely durable EPP construction that Twisted is known for so you can have your fun with virtually no worries. It flies great. In this video it's being flown on 3S. We will be testing on 4S as soon as tomorrow. I am using Twisted's recommended Digital Power Combo. There are actually 2 new planes in this series and more on the way. The two new planes come in 4 hot schemes. I'm very pleased with the Nemesis. This video is made from the maiden and flying 2 packs after that. Once trimmed up, you can see that the plane is easy to fly and has a little pep in her step. I thought I would share it here so you guys could check it out.
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  2. .

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  3. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    That's cool man!!! Love it. Did you get one yet? Gonna do a build for us?
  4. The one plane I got is built Mike but we are getting ready to put 4S power on these planes with possibly a 250 quad motor and a 6x6 prop. I might do some pics of how to do the mod from stock setup. The change should require laminating the wing as well. And, it should make the plane do about 80mph we are guessing. The surfaces and the fuse on this plane are extra thick so, not only is it crash resistant, it should hold up to the speeds we are going to throw at it. :cool:

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