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Trainer or Biwing

Discussion in 'Beginners' Lounge' started by Docholiday, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Docholiday

    Docholiday New to GSN!

    Hello Everybody,

    I have been practicing on my two sims for a while now. So, I have just started my search for a plane - gas preferred. I have looked at the Aeroworks Trainer and maybe a biplane. My dad told me he learned on a Pitts when there were no sims and that was his first plane - but his Dad taught him. Like his father before him.

    Dad says that these so called trainers are just a waste of time and money. As you will outgrow it very quickly.

    "If one has a good instructor you can learn almost just as easy on almost any plane". Dad's favorite quote.

    I am doing pretty good on the sims so far and feel ready to take the next step and thus thinking a 1/4 scale or 30-40% close to it would be good.

    Opinions please are most welcome...

    Thank You,

  2. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    Trainer is well worth the money. Yes you will outgrow it once you learn to fly well but it will pay for itself with how stable it is.
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  3. I tend to agree with dad, with the caveat about the good instructor (short reply). I would not, however, suggest a Pitts for your first plane.
  4. Docholiday

    Docholiday New to GSN!

    Thank you everyone for the responses they are much appreciated. I am going to go with a tail dragger version of some plane only because they were suggested by a local field. Reasoning is they are more stable on uneven ground and less likely to tip over on landing and take off. I looked at the Flex Innovations Cessna 170 (http://www.flexinnovations.com) not sure about this EPO foam plane by Premier Aircraft. Yet another thing to ask (EPO) and research about. Next is the (yes, I am back to Aeroworks) the Cessna 195 by Aeroworks but 200-300 dollars over budget she is a beauty (http://www.aero-works.net/product/cessna-195-arf-qb/).

    The Flex Innovations aircraft has a module (Aura 8) that stabilizes the aircraft during flight and the ability to reprogram the flight characteristics for some exceptional maneuvers. Something like that? Still reading about it (http://www.flexinnovations.com/product-p/fpm3170.htm). Some people hate it as it is not flying the aircraft the aircraft is flying you - go figure? Apparently you can place this module (Aura 8) in other aircraft too.

    I know I want a high wing aircraft saw way to many noob's clip their wings on landing, funny they appear to command the aircraft in flight but landing is another skill onto itself. High wings equal higher load weight for slower flight and more controlled landings whatever in the hell that means? Me? just gun it and get that aircraft on the ground and stop the diddle daddle. Geez you think these pilots were performing a ballet or something. Ok, that was just a little rant - did not really mean it.

    Which by the way leads me to this why is it when you ask an experienced RC pilot a question they can only respond in some foreign technical language - WTF! Please you pilots out there I am sure this knowledge did not come to you by some fairy dust or pill. You too had to learn at one point too just like me, plain laymen english is a good start for us and most important patience. Do not by any means need any mathematical equation to prove it.

    Gee! this is an expensive hobby, but I am hooked
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