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The new vectored super-lite edge v3 from twisted hobbys

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by Rolling.Circle, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys and gals! Just thought to drop by a show the newest Super-Lite 3D model from Twisted Hobbys. Just building my new model now and getting ready to connect the servos to the surfaces and get going with the radio setup. The motor on this plane can vector right and left off of the rudder servo. Killer trim scheme. Looks like it's going to be a blast for us 3D pilots. More to come. Iwill probably drop my own video after indoor this weekend. For now, I will post a few pics of my build and some vids from our RCF team mates over-seas. :popcorn:

    Check here for a little more info:


    PA131463.JPG PA131462.JPG PA131461.JPG PA131460.JPG
  2. Check this machine out

    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  3. My newest contribution for this plane. Thanks be to Brad!!! And Jan, awesome design!!! So cool. A lot of vids yet to come of this one.

    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  4. Benton3dflying

    Benton3dflying New to GSN!

    Nice video! Rolling Circle This will be the new indoor plane for the season. I love the way it flies.
  5. But wait.... there's more

    Last edited: May 17, 2016

  6. Here's a new one... plenty were made in between then and now. Check the Youtube channel for a complete inventory of vids :angel:

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