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So the Icehouse CD has done it again! Every...

Discussion in 'GSN Event Coverage' started by Jimmy Kendrick, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. So the Icehouse CD has done it again! Every registered pilot as of noon Saturday will be entered in a special raffle for a Rev Kite! All you have to do is be registered and your in!
  2. Thought it was giant R.Cs??
  3. Roman Paryz

    Roman Paryz Guest

    John McCray this event gear to all size planes. If it Flys and is rc all are welcome. Come on out and have fun. Bring some of your pretty Warbirds and your friends.
  4. I love how his event caters to multiple interests! Everyone is welcome and everyone plays nice together. It's a great thing to experience!
  5. I can't wait to see these kites in person. They look sooooo cool!

  6. They look like a blast!
  7. Will say again as a big scale rc flyer been to many events. This seem to be a money event for promotor not for me. Sad!
  8. I am grateful we have a event a first class event to attend!
  9. Several around houston. Just 80in up thou
  10. Depends. Club proble

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