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For Sale Smart-fly Power Expander marked Sport, Rev.A

Discussion in 'Servos, Switches, Power Expanders, etc.' started by Ed Carpenter, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Ed Carpenter

    Ed Carpenter New to GSN!

    Used Smart-Fly Expander for sale. Asking $55.00 shipped. Good working condition, never crashed.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Hi, I'm interested, will you take 50 shipped to 07832.
  3. Ed Carpenter

    Ed Carpenter New to GSN!

  4. Ed Carpenter

    Ed Carpenter New to GSN!

    Yes I would take your offer of $50. shipped
  5. What is your email address for the payPay, I'll send payment and please ship to
    3 Victoria crossing road
    Columbia NJ

    Greatly appreciate it

  6. Ed Carpenter

    Ed Carpenter New to GSN!

    My paypal is k4gj@yahoo.com.

    Thanks and I have your shipping address.

    Ed AMA3320
  7. Thank you Sir, greatly appreciate it! PayPal sent, when you get it out, just shoot me a message when tracking info.

    Thanks again!! Need this for a 30cc valiant that I'm setting up!
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