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sloping viewed from the sailplane

Discussion in 'Aero-Tow, Slope, Thermal, Dynamic, GPS Speed, Etc.' started by Gene Cope, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. While attending the Scale Slope event in late May an attempt was made to video capture other sailplanes in flight off Kiona. With the Sony Action cam mounted in the cockpit of my 4.4m Laminar this was much harder than thought. The landing sucked but I'm not so vain as to edit it out, although it was temping.

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  2. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Man, since there is no prop ruining the video footage with vibrations and artifacts, that really looks like a real plane. Cool video!
    And the landing.... we all do it. Did it buff out?
  3. The few scratches in the canopy did buff out OK, thank goodness. A replacement canopy would be a pain to get.
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