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SOLD! Slightly Used DLE-61 Plus Props - Carrollton Virginia

Discussion in 'Fueled Engines (Gas/Glow) and Parts' started by HRRC Flyer, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    OK Fellas,

    According to @Bartman something happened to my original Add here in the Classifieds for the sale of my DLE-61 so I am having to repost it.

    Just a recap, I bought it with the 1/3 scale Lanier Laser back in the Fall and according to the original owner of the plane, it was installed new and was only flown 12 to 15 times before the plane was put in storage. It has very good compression and comes with the stock exhaust, stock mounting hardware, a drilled Xoar 24X10 prop and a new un-drilled 24x10 Xoar prop. I will split shipping with the buyer or I will travel a short distance to meet someone. Payment must be made with a Post Office Money Order since I do not do Pay Pal.

    Ask any questions you'd like and I can post pics if requested.

    Final asking price is $300.00.
  2. Hey David. I typically don't buy used power plants but looking for a DLE61 to put in my new 30% Pilot Edge 540. Is it possible to get a few pics? I presume the EI is also part of the sale.
  3. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Hey @combat chicken

    Happy new year Buddy. I completely understand your reluctance to buy used engines because I am the same way. Of course it comes with the EL and the spark plug too. I will post some pics for you a little later today.

  4. Thanks.
  5. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Here you go @combat chicken ,
    IMG_1906.JPG IMG_1908.JPG IMG_1909.JPG IMG_1910.JPG

    The little piece of spiral wrap around the red and black lead was added to protect the wires from rubbing on the corner of the motor box. If you have any more questions, let me know.


  6. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Ooops, I forgot one

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