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Show Your Fish


Been getting back into fishing recently so why not have a thread here for people to share their catches. These first two pics are the same fish. Snagged her last Thursday during my lunch break. No scale with us but we are guessing 5-6 pounds.
fish side.jpg

fish vertical.jpg

These next three are all between 2-3 pounds and caught yesterday and all from this post are from one of the two ponds on site where I work. Gonna keep hitting it hard as there are known 10 pounders in there and I would love to get one that big.
Bass #2.jpg
Bass #3.jpg
Bass #4.jpg


And all of these are from my in-laws pond. It is way over stocked with Bass and I'm trying to thin it out as I have caught 40-50 bass out of it this year and not a single one is more that 12-14" long and skinny as hell. Its been fun though as most of the fishing there has been done with my little girl who is having a blast spending time on the Jon Boat. While it is over stocked with bass it does have some really nice Bluegill and Crappie and the Crappie made some excellent fish taco's the other night.
Crappie #1.jpg
Emma Bass Hold.jpg
Emma Crappie.jpg
Emma Driving.jpg
emma fish.jpg
Bluegill #1.jpg


Staff member
You’re having a great season already. I haven’t been out fishing yet this year cause it’s the coldest wettest spring in recent memory here in Missouri.