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RedwingRC 50cc Yak-55 with Joe Smith at the sticks!

Discussion in 'RedwingRC.com' started by 3dmike, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp


    The all new Yak 55 50cc Redwing plane is aerobatic perfection! Based on our 30cc Yak 55, which has become one of our most loved in its class, the 50cc brings it to a new class!

    Featuring the things you love about Redwing planes already (CF parts throughout, lightweight but strong build, well thought our design and accessories) but adds CF in the build of the fuselage! This assists in its strength significantly without adding weight.

    The Yak 55 is a very axial and clean plane. It allows you to perform precision exceptionally well and also slows down for 3D maneuvers. The 50cc Yak 55 features minimal wing rock and coupling. You will find this plane is one of THE best all-around planes you could choose. This is why even those who don't immediately love the shape of the Yak 55, fall in love with the 50cc Yak 55, because it performs unlike any other plane. The Yak 55 50cc lends itself well to both high energy and slow 3D.

    You will find this plane will make you look like a better pilot than you thought you were!

    Don't wait! Purchase to reserve one below and be the first to show off this new beast!


    50cc_Yak_55_o_16a.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_01.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_02.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_03.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_04.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_05.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_06.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_07.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_08.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_09.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_10.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_11.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_12.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_13.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_14.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_15.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_16b.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_16c.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_16d.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_16e.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_18.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_19.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_20.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_21.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_22.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_23.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_24.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_25.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_26.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_27.jpg 50cc_Yak_55_o_28.jpg Specs:

    • Wing span: 2260 mm / 89 inches
    • Wing area: 1433 sq. in
    • All up flying weight: 15.7 lbs [​IMG]
    • Length: 2035 mm / 80 in
    • Engine: 50cc-60cc
    • Radio: 6-9 Channels
    • Recommended Spinner Size:
    • Recommended CG:
    • Recommended Prop Size:
    • Recommended Throws:
      • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
      • Rudder: |
      • Ailerons: |
      • Elevator: |

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • Removable stab
    • Ringed cowl
    • Adjustable push rods
    • Canister ready
    • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
    • Painted matching spinner (Optional)
    • Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre-drilled hinges, pre-plumbed fuel tank, and pre-installed rudder cable.
  2. TimP

    TimP GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Thanks for the post! He's loving it too! He told me personally he couldn't belie how stable it was for a yak 55. He thinks it will be a great plane for someone wanting to do 3d and still feel very "safe". Not super high energy but very fun plane. I'm sure he'll give more of a report when he's had a few weeks with it.
  3. babathehutt

    babathehutt 30cc

    Those tumbles were so slow. Almost looked full scale, actually. I've never seen a model actually do a crankshaft at that speed and keep on flipping.
  4. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    Joe, super cool to see you flying that airframe and having so much fun with it! Those rifle rollers were crazy fast!!!

    Tim, really nice flying airframe...nice design work!
  5. JaklosRc

    JaklosRc 50cc

    Looks like at very sweet plane.

  6. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    What electric setup are you guys using?
  7. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Tim and Heather! Love that you included the blooper reel at the end of your product video. Priceless!

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