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For Sale QQAC 120" (37.5%) Yak 54


New to GSN!
Time to get rid of my 120" QQAC Yak 54, taking up a ton of space that I would like to have back in the garage! Selling as airframe only.

This was the airplane I built for the Tucson Shootout around 2008. Has about 800 flights or so on it, in overall good condition for the age. Here is a video from when it was flown in the 2009 TAS:

Was last flown in 2012 or 2013.

Has typical wear for an airplane of this age:
Wheel pants cracked/paint chipped (see photos)
Canopy was cracked but repaired (see photo)
Covering has a few spots starting to peel.
Various other dents, dings and hangar rash.

Will need some basic TLC to get going.

Local pickup in SW Florida highly preferred. Willing to drive a bit depending on where you're coming from.

Can crate and ship, but buyer covers the shipping charge, cost of crating materials as well as my time to build the crate, and assumes all liability for any shipping damages that may occur.



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