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Planebender Products "Fall Sale"!

Discussion in 'Planebender Products' started by Planebender, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Hello all, From 10/1/2015- Haloween night at Midnight enjoy a full 15% off on all Pro Flow Canisters and Pro Flow Smooth Pipes. SAVE BIG!!!!!

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  2. babathehutt

    babathehutt 30cc

    Hahaha yeah thanks man! There's nothing like winning to keep your spirits up right? Thanks again Mike, I got all the parts and already built/crashed my LittleFoot.
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  3. Say it ain't so! Is it salvageable?

    And you are welcome. Glad everything arrived okay.:way_to_go:
  4. babathehutt

    babathehutt 30cc

    I was able to put it back together but it'll fly better now that it's a little uglier. Fun little plane, but it's a little sketchy trying to 3D it.
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  5. HELLO ALL, Just a reminder that you have 3 days left to take advantage of our 15% OFF FALL SALE!!!
    As noise restrictions become more and more popular throughout the country we need to "Comply to Fly" And what better way to do just that than not only use the very finest AMERICAN MADE Exhaust products but save Money at the same time.
    My Pro Flow Canisters and Pro Flow Smooth Pipes will deliver the quiet sound that will more than satisfy any complaining neighbor.
    Also you wont have to give up power and smooth linear transition that pilots demand. When using our Smooth Pipes you will get an UNREAL
    Power gain along with the Quiet sound. I hope you will take advantage of this sale to save Money and be part of the noise solution and not the problem.

    Thank You and have fun flying!

  6. Robbins

    Robbins Team WTFO (Watch The Fun Occur)

    I'll vouch for that!

    I wish I had a set of smooth pipes for my new project but I will have to wait.

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