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Scale Pitts S1-T, S1-S, and a Challenger.


640cc Uber Pimp
As soon as I can get enough stick time to feel comfortable with it. No Nall for me, would like to some day though.

HRRC Flyer

GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Hey Robert,

I'm glad you started posting over here. Now, I have one less reason to visit that "OTHER" site. Did you get VJ, Waconut and the rest of your "Pitts" crew to join us over here? That would be cool. They're a great bunch of guys. Looking forward to more "detailed" posts. I never fail to learn something from them.:yesss:


640cc Uber Pimp
Hi David and thanks. I have given those you mentioned and a couple others a tug in this direction.
I will be back at it with the Bulldog on Monday, will post my usual.


640cc Uber Pimp
Where on this site would be most appropriate to post a question in regards to making a canopy mold?


640cc Uber Pimp
I need to make a mold for a canopy. Then I need to vac a canopy. This is for this Pitts, I currently have one made of Plexiglas on it but I don't think it will hold up.


70cc twin V2
OK. I'm loading up for Nall but will get back to you later tonight or in the morning. There is a few choices you have.

flying co

New to GSN!
your builds are so clean, love to watch your work ,thank ou for sharing, I am learning a lot, my next build 1/3 weeks solution. welcome!