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Cool OptiPower BEC Guard Ultra-Mega Guard Super Combo


3DRCF Moderator
This is probably more for folks fairly new to the hobby. This little bugger could save you so much money and heartache.
Check it out HERE this is not the only place you can read up on it, just one of the places I do biz with. When I came across
it I just thought it would be a good thing to post up about for you guys and girls.


Boy those things have come a long ways in a short time!! Nice that the backup charges when you plug it in instead of having to make sure its charged before you go out and fly, like the older ones did... Thanks [MENTION=3728]Bushwacker[/MENTION]!!


3DRCF Moderator
Yes your right about that. I still have a Scorpion Backup Guard that has to be charged. I use on my Trex 700. Never fly with out it.