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Discussion Onboard On/Off Switches

Jim Slaughter

New to GSN!
I use LIFE batteries. They are 2 cell, 6.6V and not as sensitive to balance. I do charge through the switch. Ocassionally, if I have my airplane apart on the bench, I will pull the battery out and give it a good balance charge.

Why do you need a charging jack as far as know that only worked with nicad battery. Lipo need balancing plug and power charge plug.


Defender of the Noob!
Before Miracle started putting the added housing I was using silicon to make a securing block as I felt the first I seen the open solder I did not like it. Never had a problem and quit adding the silicon once the block came on them.

it's good to hear they've at least addressed the problems people had with their products


Before I switched to Jeti radios, all I used were Fromeco switches and never had an issue

Since switching to Jeti, I have used the magnetic switches and found them to work as described. They can be tempermental on magnet position, but once you figure out the positioning, they work well I have since switched to using an extra rx with the CB200 power distribution system on a lockout switch on the tx I probably will never use another switch. This way is phenominal and super easy With the lockout switch, there is no worry about turning the system off by hitting the wrong switch