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Oh Boy Winter!

Discussion in 'Beginners' Lounge' started by flatflyer, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Woke up to a bit of a chill this morning. So Its time to head to the basement and spend some quality time with my toys. Like I don't spend much time with them already! My wife! Well I spent some money on a hoist. My lazy butt and sore shoulder said it was time to by an electric hoist. The brown truck dropped one off last week so with the chill in the air, poured a cup of coffee a descended to the darkness. Need some florescent bulbs half were out. After that it was time to tackle that hoist, heavy son of a gun. Had to get the wife to help out. Oh yea she was thrilled about that. What the hell is this for ! I explained about the shoulder and it would make my life better and I'm old. Old she under stood! Life better? Anyway it worked great spooled up and down up and down. So I got the Vanessa out and hung the Top Filte P47 Razorback and checked the CG. It only needs 3lbs of lead I'll pack some lead in the cowl and re balance before I add all that lead. I have a DLE 61 up front. I hope to get this in the air soon, I would like to it take down to the **** Cole's Memorial Bradenton FL in March. I didn't take pictures today had to get out and rake leaves! So the next trip into the darkness I'll take some pictures of the hoist Oh the hoist 800lbs cap. was $89.00 shipped on ebay . Well worth it if you do this stuff alone and I can lift my air-cooled VW bug motor with it to my engine stand. Did I say I have Hobbies!
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