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NEW Spot-On RC Accessories, Help SLRCFA, 15% OFF BSI

Discussion in 'RedwingRC.com' started by TimP, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. TimP

    TimP GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Spot_01.jpg Spot_02.jpg Spot_03.jpg

    NEW Spot-On RC Accessories!!!

    NEW Servo arms, full arms, full offset arms, washers, gaskets, and fuel dots!

    Check out the huge group of NEW ACCESSORIES here!

    Lots of sizes, lots of colors and even available in different threads!



    Help SLRCFA recover from flood damage!

    Buy Redwing Props! 20% will go towards helping them get the field back to normal and looking beautiful.

    Check out the photos of the flooding. The flood really took a toll on the field but with your help it will look good as new in no time!


    Show your support!

    Be automatically entered to WIN a FREE Dynam Plane.

    Piper Cub, Beaver, or SR-22. Winners choice!!

    Redwing Props available in a ton of sizes and in several colors!

    Natural, Painted Black, Painted White, Painted Silver.

    Starting at only $11.99

    Runs Jan. 22 - Jan. 31 2016



    15% OFF BSI !!!

    That's right, save big on your favorite BSI products!

    Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+, Maxi-Cure, Super Gold+, Foam Cure, and Insta-Set.

    Don't wait, this offer wont stick around!

    This weekend ONLY!

    Offer valid through 01-24-16

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
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