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Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build


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What glue did you decide to use for the fabric? Bought fabric for my dash top and while I ask the women what glue would work on the fabric, she recommended E6000, did a test with it and it does not work, I'm thinking 3M 77 contact cement.
E6000 is not bad stuff, but it does take forever to cure. It's hard to go wrong with contact cement. You should try Foam-TAC, it's a lot like Welders Glue (also a good choice) and both act like contact cement but dry more clear.


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Gone so fast it's hard to fathom. Home after weeks of scrambling, looking for any imaginable answer. I took him fishing a mere 2 weeks ago...........

I have a 3 day weekend with nothing planned but building.

I miss you already dad.



Sorry for loss, when they are at that age we kinda expect them to go but are still shocked when it happens. I was, for my 96 year old mother last year.


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Emergency trip to visit my ailing dad took me away from my build here for more than a week. Gut wrenching CT scans (cancer) show he's not long for this world so i will be flying home every couple of weeks to squeeze in last visits. Hence this build will slow down this summer.

An item that popped up is the above the next window in the cabin construction. Here's where I'm at at so far,.

View attachment 119721

View attachment 119722

I've got a serious issue here. Working my way around the exterior of the cabin and this problem pops up. What's unpainted is all dry fitted but the already installed front window beam, which holds everything above is not in line.

Let's see if photos can do the problem justice......



Really I need it to line up with the rest of the cabin construction .