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NEAT Fair 2014----->Saturday, 13 Sept

Discussion in 'GSN Event Coverage' started by Bartman, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    I arrived at the site last night a little after 7 PM and it was a gorgeous night with a lot of folks taking advantage of clear skies to do some night flying. the guys from my local flying field had invited me to join them for dinner so I found my friend Scott, got settled in and then joined up with the guys from the Round Valley RC Club for a warm meal.

    After two beautiful days (Thursday and Friday), Saturday (today) was noteworthy in that it didn't stop raining for almost four hours through the middle of the day. Flying started early but was quickly slowed by on again off again rain that started around 9 am. By about 10:30 it was steady. Bust you say? Hardly! The vendor tents were very busy keeping people dry and offering lots to buy throughout the day. Finding a UMX Pitts S1 was difficult by 1 PM as they were a popular item. People were hanging out, working on planes, eating, generally having a good time despite the steady rain. Scott and I wandered around meeting up with people and taking photos.

    A lot of us have the good fortune to fly in some very pretty spots around the world but the little valley where the NEAT fair is held is an absolutely beautiful location for an event. It's a flat area rimmed by ridges on each side that are probably 300 to 400 ft high and the east branch of the Delaware river runs right along the camping area. I fell in love with the site and can't wait to get back next year with an airplane.

    One person I spent some time with was Curtis from Easytiger Models. He's a good guy and had his 150" Lockheed Constellation on display. Any airline guy would love to have had some time in the front seat of a Constellation and I'm no exception so I sat there oogling it, thinking about the glory days of four round engines pulling people and machine through the air. It was his last one of that kit and it's been sold so I don't have to worry about him asking me to do a product review of it anytime soon! :winking-thumbs-up-s He's got a lot of other stuff and he's personally built and flown at least one of everything he sells which says a lot to me about him. I (almost)begged him to make a giant scale Grumman Duck and while he appreciated my enthusiasm he wouldn't commit. Who's with me here? Anybody up for a 150cc Grumman Duck ARF??

    We then went over and hung out with the nice people from Hobbico. Dan Landis was one of the people at the tent and he showed me his custom weathered FW-190. I'm pretty sure it was a Top Flite ARF that started out all nice and shiny but you'll see in the photos he did a nice job of mucking it up to look more like what a front line fighter would have looked like midway through the war. He's going to come by the site sometime soon and explain how he went about weathering it.

    HobbyKing had a double tent set up and had a lot of stuff on display. I give them credit as their Durafly line of foam planes has been getting increasingly better over the years and some of the ones I saw up close looked really nice! They were also happy to tell me that they've got an office out on Long Island (NY state, East of Manhattan for those of you that aren't familiar) with a staff of almost twenty people doing customer service for the US market. They're still getting the kinks worked out but the budget is there for whatever they need. I ragged on them a pretty good amount for being an impenetrable wall of pain for a lot of us that tried their stuff out over the years but the guy took my whining in stride and assured us that they're on it and striving to be a better participant in the community.

    The volunteers were busy as always and the show manager was great about hooking up Scott and me up with press passes. Congrats to them for putting on a great event. Even with the rain, everyone was smiling and laughing. Sunday's weather is forecasted to be much better so have fun to those of you that will be there.







    17807=12072-IMG_7201.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12073-IMG_7202.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12074-IMG_7203.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12075-IMG_7204.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12076-IMG_7205.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12077-IMG_7206.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12078-IMG_7207.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12079-IMG_7211.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12080-IMG_7212.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12081-IMG_7214.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12086-IMG_7223.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12087-IMG_7224.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12089-IMG_7226.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12091-IMG_7228.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12093-IMG_7230.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12094-IMG_7231.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12097-IMG_7234.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12098-IMG_7235.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12099-IMG_7236.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12100-IMG_7237.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12101-IMG_7238.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12102-IMG_7240.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12103-IMG_7241.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12104-IMG_7243.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12105-IMG_7244.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12106-IMG_7245.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12107-IMG_7246.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12108-IMG_7247.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12109-IMG_7248.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12110-IMG_7250.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12111-IMG_7251.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12112-IMG_7252.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12113-IMG_7253.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12114-IMG_7254.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12115-IMG_7255.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12116-IMG_7256.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12117-IMG_7257.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12118-IMG_7258.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12119-IMG_7259.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12120-IMG_7260.JPG]http://giantscalenews.com/oldwpattachments/attachments/17807=1
    2120-IMG_7260.JPG 17807=12121-IMG_7261.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12122-IMG_7263.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12123-IMG_7264.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12124-IMG_7265.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12125-IMG_7266.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12126-IMG_7269.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12127-IMG_7270.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12128-IMG_7271.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12129-IMG_7272.JPG][​IMG] 17807=12130-IMG_7273.JPG][​IMG]
  2. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    I shot a time lapse segment for what was supposed to be a video from today's flying but with the weather being what it was there wasn't much flying going on. :( The rain must have fogged and smeared the lens :( :( !
  3. Thanks for the great coverage Bart. Looks like there's a lot of NEAT stuff there;)

    And thanks for adding all the links to the bottom of the post. That's a nice touch. Makes it really easy to locate all the companies you mentioned.
  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    Thanks Mike. It's unfortunate that the rain kept most of the flying from happening as there were a lot of giant scale planes there that I would have loved to see flying. Dan Landis had an electric MX2 from AztechAeromodels.com and he was scheduled to fly a demo with it (there's a photo of it in the first post with the other Hobbico planes) but like everything else that was on the schedule, it didn't happen.

    A friend of mine told me to not expect to find any food places on the way to the show because the location was remote and I was in such a hurry after a late start that I barely researched the location and just threw the address in my phone's GPS and went. It took me north towards Scranton, PA and then Northeast into NY state. I had about 55 miles to go and figured I'd have one more chance to grab a sandwich before I got there but in twenty miles of driving I didn't see one place as it was all Pennsylvania back country (farms and more farms) so with thirty miles to go I was thinking I might be eating granola bars for dinner (I was running two hours late and expected my RC club friends to have dinner without me and Scott). I was hungry at this point and the granola bar I ate didn't do anything for me so when I saw a little general store I stopped and bought a bunch of stuff including a sandwich! That sandwich was the most special, most delicious sandwich I ever had....I had no idea where I was, where I was going, and didn't know what might be available when I got to the show grounds.

    Not ten minutes later I crossed the Delaware River into NY and was passing through Hancock, NY where I must have passed five restaurant/bar places, a parade for the high school football team, fast food joints........ten minutes ago I was starving wondering where in the hell the RC show was and now I'm popped out into full blown civilization! The rest of the drive went quickly but it's funny how a sandwich at the right time can be so freakin' perfect!

    fwiw, Scott hangs out with us over at MultiRotorForums.com and he's a product reviewer for the site. we were expecting to also do some multi-rotor coverage but there just wasn't that much going on. It's weird how multi-rotor RC flying is such a distant part of the larger RC activities..


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