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Lets see your Scale Heli's

Discussion in 'R/C Helicopters and Drones' started by wecoyote, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. as722

    as722 New to GSN!

  2. wecoyote

    wecoyote 70cc twin V2

    I built this AS355 Twinstar with the blue stripes back in '07. After a tail rotor failure in '09, I rebuilt it with this Disney theme for when we have kids at the field they will have something to relate to.

    9275=3278-as355 disney 04.jpg[​IMG] 9275=3277-as355 disney 05.jpg[​IMG] 9275=3276-twinstar in flight 03.jpg[​IMG]
  3. wecoyote

    wecoyote 70cc twin V2

    This was my first scale helicopter. I went to Toys R Us and bought a plastic MD500. Took it home and stuffed a .30 size rc helicopter in it. This was back in '04.

    9279=3279-DSC00867.jpg[​IMG] 9279=3281-My MD500 03.JPG][​IMG]
  4. Ken-H

    Ken-H Centerpunchit!

    Not mine but this was a great looking heli.



    9922=3611-DSC02266.jpg[​IMG] 9922=3612-DSC02280.jpg[​IMG]
  5. ExtraJohn

    ExtraJohn 70cc twin V2

    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  6. Robotech

    Robotech 70cc twin V2

    Love the scale heli's, you just don't seem to see many of them, at least not around here.
  7. Do them scale heli's hoover upside down? ;) LOL
  8. I saw these at IRCHA 2015.

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