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JTEC/ radiowave owners group

Discussion in 'JTEC Radiowave' started by IMAC FANATIC, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Here are some pictures of the Prototype 2.8m MX2 from the test flights yesterday. I hogged the transmitter most of the time because I was having a blast flying it. IMG_5523.png IMG_5525.JPG IMG_5530.JPG IMG_5534.JPG
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  2. 1294306_10201227132875339_6846802595645546572_o[1].jpg pond[1].jpg IMG_20140622_134315[1].jpg Here's the one I brought to Joe Nall pond[1].jpg This pic was taken at the Pownal 3D Fest! 1294306_10201227132875339_6846802595645546572_o[1].jpg This past year and my recovered competition bird. IMG_20140622_134315[1].jpg
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  3. Taylorcraft with DA100 and Smoke. Flys like a dream.

    Attached Files:

  4. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

  5. yakken

    yakken 100cc

    Mine has been converted to a 3d machine. Rebeveled, recovered. Now i just need some decals uploadfromtaptalk1462227027803.jpg . uploadfromtaptalk1462226923093.jpg
  6. Once upon a time I had a 40% Edge ARF that I recovered and traded for a 35% Trueworthy Pitts M-12 (still kind of a JTEC!)

    486417_417683061602171_660713634_n.jpg 13051545_999566900080448_3669685744517912913_n.jpg
  7. alanflys98

    alanflys98 New to GSN!

    Still luvin mine. Attachment.jpg
  8. RJ 706

    RJ 706 70cc twin V2

  9. oh58skid

    oh58skid 50cc

    Jtec 3.1 CS image.jpg image.jpg
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  10. 26% JTec M12 JR DMSS 3W85 Fly's so nice


    Attached Files:

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