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Jeti CentralBox 200

I've been working on my 6.8-meter (268-in.) 1/3-scale Antares that I want to use for GPS racing. I'm controlling the servos and gear with a Jeti CentralBox 200. I like this system because it is very easy to program via either my Jeti DC-16 transmitter or the JetiBox profi. It also allows for redundant battery inputs, has 15 servo outputs that are isolated from each other in the event of a stalled or shorted servo, works with the Jeti magnetic switch, has dual redundant receivers (I'm using the R3 types), and provides for telemetry. It can deliver 10 amps on both buses, with 90-amp peaks. You'll want to know that I'm powering this system with two 4000-mAh NiMH packs that I had custom built for me at Batteries Plus. I soldered on the big leads myself — no shortage of current there!

I'll be publishing the complete how-to article in the June issue of RC Sport Flyer magazine: www-rc-sf.com. I'll also be sharing the PDF version of the article here on GiantScaleNews.com.

Have a look at the photos.


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I may be testing the Antares at the 2015 Scale Fun Fly at Eagle or Kiona Buttes. The event will be hosted May 29, 30, 31. Here are the coordinates to the site:
16803-17199 Grandview Ln
Kennewick, WA 99338
46.187062, -119.326038