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Inuagural Victor Valley IMAC SW Region

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by BillVargas, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Victor Valley IMAC SW Region contest is ON :cool:

    We are committed, NO TURNING BACK!

    The event has been posted! Pilots are already signing up (10 so far!)

    Web site: VVRCF.org for info and directions

    The Sanction has been approved!

    The field has an asphalt runway, lots of shade and plenty of over fly space. It seemed very comfortable. There is plenty of parking space for RVs and trailers, NO HOOK UPS.

    The food has been ordered- Yes! The club is going to supply coffee and donuts each morning AND the president states he is mostly known for his barbecue so for $10.00 you you’ll get a pull pork sandwich, baked beans and a drink. He informs us it is a “big” meal.

    All we gotta do now is show up and FLY!

    This will be the clubs first IMAC event, they are hoping to have a successful contest, including future events. The date of the contest falls on Mothers Day, they are aware of that and are going to do something special for the MOMs who come to the event.

    I am reaching out to all Southwest pilots: let’s make this club's first IMAC contest a good one and plan on coming out May 7 & 8.

    We are looking forward to this contest and making New IMAC Friends! it’s going to be a fun event. Sign up, come on out, bring our moms out on Sunday for a little something special just for her :)



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  2. Friday 5-6-2016 is open practice. Will also be doing pilot sign-in to help reduce the load on Saturday,,, more to follow on that.
  3. I wish it wasn't 1600 miles :( I would love to come out and fly the contest :)
  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    Bill, Shoot me a nice high res photo from your flying site and i'll use it to feature this thread on the homepage
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  5. Hi Bartman, check your PM Box,,,

    Thanks, BV

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