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I'm going/went flying 2021 thread

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by dhal22, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Wild man

    Wild man 70cc twin V2

    I was able to get out Thursday early and put the test flight on my Flight line 63" F-4U-1A Bird Cage Corsair I got a few photo's with my IPhone X after the test flight CV2.jpg
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  2. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    Our club had its annual Fly Away Cancer event yesterday. Good turnout, and raised over $4,400!

    The Python flew more yesterday than all my past outings this year combined.
    After comments from several other pilots who flew it, I’ll leave the weight and balance exactly where it is.

    A friend had his Beast out, so we took the opportunity for a few family photos.


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  3. That's a great success, raising $4400, that's quite a haul!
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  4. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    Took Draco out for the maiden flight this afternoon. Flies like a dream!
    All of today’s flights were on 4S. Can’t wait to try it on 6S!
    Clearly the A3X receiver was helping, as the model was rock solid in the wind. Good news is it was blowing down the runway.
    Need to read up on the settings and configuration to better understand the A3X programming.
    Ground run on takeoff was reasonably short, but scale like.
    Stalls were straight ahead with no tendency to drop a wing.
    Very maneuverable with wingovers, hammerheads, loops, Cuban 8s, immelmanns.
    Vertical performance was limited with the 4S, so I stuck to the above maneuvers.
    Flew several passes at about 5 feet off the runway. Solid as a rock, looks good, and sounds cool!
    Last flight was at dusk, so of course I had to turn on the lights.
    Landings are simple. So simple in fact, I would think this was a trainer.
    No bad habits at all, whether wheel landing or in a 3-point attitude.
    Only drawback was flight time. With my spirited flying I landed at about six minutes, as in two more passes after the five minute timer.

    Think I might keep this one for a little while!


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    Last edited: Apr 26, 2021
  5. AKNick

    AKNick 640cc Uber Pimp

    For once I can actually say the weather has been great this last week. I have been exhausting myself trying to find some rising air with not much luck. But trying none the less. Been flying the snot out of the ARS300. Had some members and spectators watching me fly.!so I touched the tail a couple times on the ground gently. Had a good time!

    even ran into a group of younger fliers and watching them fly the living daylights out of some foamies. Warmed my heart to see this younger generation doing what I did, but with buddies. Really cool.
  6. Wild man

    Wild man 70cc twin V2

    Just received mine today. WOW very impressive plane, and the first thing I noticed is the new EPO foam used in this bird, and the way it is packed is also great. I am going to get it out later and have it ready to fly by tomorrow weather permitting, but the way it looks we are going to have rain all day tomorrow. WOW !!! it is 1 am I just finished assembling, and setting up my Draco I have the throttle reverse set up the my left slider the AS3X and Safe set up on switch A and the 7 different light modes set up on the R knob. All I need to do now is balance it and the Draco is ready for the Test flight I took a couple pictures of the instrument panel lights. This will make a great Night flying Plane. I have been flying at night for years, since 1996. I can tell you with all the lights this one has flying at night will be as easy as flying during the day. I am flying it on the new Spektrum G2 6 cell 5000 50c smart bateries
    draco1.jpg DE.jpg LD1.jpg LD2.jpg
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  7. Wild man

    Wild man 70cc twin V2

    While I was setting the throws for this plane. I noticed the Elevator was not centering when going back to neutral every time when doing the settings. I found that the Elevator linkage was moving the Horizontal stab back and forth in the mounting set up So I made a couple 1/16" shims to help with the slop at the leading edge of the horizontal stab where it should be tight against the fuselage sides. Now when setting elevator throws, up and down it centers with the throw meter. Nothing major but the Horizontal mounting is a little sloppy and moves around to much for what I like You can see the gaps at the leading edge where the horizontal stab should be tight against the fuselage. I was going to test fly it today but had to fix it, OH well maybe tomorrow
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  8. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    Interesting. I did not see the same on mine. The snap fit was actually tight, and the two braces which snap on the ball links provided additional stability.
    I did find the left aileron out of alignment, which was a pain to adjust.
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  9. Wild man

    Wild man 70cc twin V2

    Took the Draco out for the first Three flights tonight. I am flying it on Smart batteries 6 cell 5000mah 30c G1, and a 6 cell G2 5000mah 50c and getting 10 min. flights The Draco is every thing they make it out to be and then some. My main purpose of getting the Draco is to make it my go to night Flyer and I am very pleased that is going to be one awesome night flyer. The video I made was on the second flight the third was in the dark
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  10. Looks like a lot of fun!!

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