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Sport Idiot Boy Builds an Old School World Engines Robin Hood 99 Kit

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by pawnshopmike, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. image.jpg
    Guess I can't dodge this bullet any longer so may as well get this thread started. I picked up a DA 50 almost a year ago now. Been looking for something to mount it on ever since. I have plenty of 3D birds already. So I've been wanting a giant scale lazy day flyer to play around with. My first choice was the AMR Trainer 50 until I found out they raised the price to $600. So I've been searching the classifieds for several months looking for a bargain. Stumbled across this NOS World Engines Robin Hood 99 kit for $225.00 shipped and decided I couldn't pass it up.

    My kit building experience is very limited. Built a few Guillows free flight planes and the only RC kit I've built was a 48" Mountain Models L4 Grasshopper. Which was a breeze. Mountain Models laser cut kits are absolutely awesome works of precision art. Pretty much everything this 198o's kit isn't. I quickly realized after opening up the box and dragging out the plans and parts that I'm in way over my IQ level. I'll be relying heavily on my R/C brothers to get this thing anywhere near resembling a flying machine.

    I've spent the better part of 2 evening drinking beer and looking at the plans trying to make sense of them. I'm pretty sure the plans are like those 3D Hidden Images posters that were all the rage back in the 90's. I just need to drink more beer and cross my eyes till I figure it out.

    Remember these things?


    See what I'm saying about the hidden 3D images. I can almost see an airplane if I drink enough beers and cross both eyes.


    I'm not a good builder. Or a smart builder. But I make up for it by being really slow. :)

    So stay tuned and be patient...very patient, and maybe just maybe, I'll someday get thing off the ground. :way_to_go:
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
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  2. Here's what I managed so far. Got the landing gear mocked up this evening. Now I just need to take it over to a friend of mine's and have him weld it together for me.

  3. @pawnshopmike building an airplane? This is awesome! ;)

    Honestly though this looks like a neat project. I've been getting into the less popular stuff myself lately, with the Krier, starting a Kool Kanary for my Dad soon, and just got plans for a 91" Waco Taperwing.

    I'll be lurking around watching! :)
  4. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    You know we are all here to help when we can. After you knock this one out I will send you just a set of plans and you can learn to build one completely from scratch.
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  5. Welcome aboard gents! I'm glad you two chimed in. I'm sure I'll be picking your brains plenty over the next few months.

    Question #1. What is your preferred method for transferring plans to balsa? I'm guessing tracing paper? Thanks in advance.
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  6. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    Very cool, old school plane build! Nice!
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  7. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    The way I do it mike is to copy the section of plans you want on the copy machine. Then you can use some spray adhesive to glue the copy to some poster board and cut it out giving you a template to use over and over. If your only going to do it once though copy as said before, cut out the template from the paper close to the line, then use a light mist of spray adhesive and stick it straight to your balsa. Then you can cut it out with your preferred method. once its cut and you know its right the paper will peel right off of the wood.
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  8. I've used the method @BalsaDust described, I've also used trace paper they both work.

    I used See Temp for the Krier and I really like it because I like permanent temps (which I needed when I had to remake the front deck bulkheads after I cut the cabanes out to redo them).

    It's listed at the top of the page, it cuts fine with scissors or an exacto and just about anything will write on it.

  9. Started cutting some wood tonight. Let the games begin!


    Which brings me to my next question. I plan on using Titebond III for most of the balsa to balsa joints. Can I mix in Microballoons with the Titebond for better gap filling when needed?
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
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  10. HRRC Flyer

    HRRC Flyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Wooo Hooooo @pawnshopmike is building his Robinhood. I will be following this one for sure. . . . . . . :attaboy:
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