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Helicopter Training


640cc Uber Pimp
I've recently gotten into heli's after a 29 year absence and I was looking for some good training ideas when I came across a training routine for the simulator from ArchmageAU on Helifreak. I read through it and thought I'd give it a try. Boy, a guy has to really like his hobby to put himself through so much self abuse.


Lesson one: Upright slow Piro's

In a training circle, like the medium size hover trainer in RealFlight, you set a little tail rotor trim so the heli is pirouetting about one revolution a minute and you try and maintain a hover for 15 minutes. Then you rest for awhile then go the other direction for 15 minutes.

The goal is Zero crashes (RealFlight crashes you if you leave the circle) in either direction.

Lesson 2 and 3 are not too bad with lazy figure eights and flips and rolls.

Lesson 4: (Now here is were the real abuse comes in) Inverted slow Piros Yep, just like lesson one only inverted. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

ArchmageAU warns you you will hate him when you get to lesson 4 and he was right. Between the two directions I crashed 51 times last night. It was pretty humbling, But I'm learning.

There are more lesson after that, but that's where I'm at now. Lots of fun stuff ahead like tail first figure eights and other seemingly impossible things.:smile-new:
Jetpainter, did you get through the exercises? I have seen that thread and after i get a little more refresher time on the sticks, i plan on working my way through it. I started back up after a 12 year break. It wasn't all gone, but i feel pretty twitchy on the sticks still.


640cc Uber Pimp
I had great plans to work through them over the winter and between lazyness and airplane projects it didn't happen.
I have a total of one heli flight in so far this year. I hope to change that soon.


70cc twin V2
I'm finding transitioning between helis an airplanes a little interesting.

When I go inverted with a heli, I'm going for collective, I can't seem to find the collective on an airplane and end up chopping the throttle :(