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GiantScaleNews.com welcome Esprit Model to the Vendor Support forum


Defender of the Noob!
Welcome to the party Kasi and Esprit Model! US dealer of Jeti and Graupner radio systems and a lot of other RC stuff!

Glad to have you here!

Sorry, I'm not interested in their radios (too much invested in mine, and besides I'd want to hold one in my hands) ***BUT*** I have bought a lot of props and RC stuff from this place in the past, and they are really good no hassle place to buy RC related products from. Love the back straps they carry...very useful for young RC pilots who fly all day, with no neck chaff from a normal neck strap.


Defender of the Noob!
Been meaning to pick up a tray for my transmitter the last couple of weeks. Would love to have a Jeti for my multi-rotor heli's, maybe one day..... :)


70cc twin V2
+1 on the straps. Good shop, BIL who's a doc at Melbourne FL got me a lot of stuff from here. Will visit them next year, sure thing


I just placed a pre-order for a DC-24 :brian-banana:...I have been planning to switch to a tray for some time now. And the Jeti programming and telemetry was very interesting. I planned to get the DC-16 but the pre-order pricing on the 24 made it a no brainer to me!


I have James at Esprit on speed dial :) He is phenomenal when it comes to figuring something out programming wise on the Jeti!