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For Sale Falcon propellers Carbon Fiber / German Beechwood (27 total)

Discussion in 'Prop Swap (and spinners!)' started by Ibcinyourc, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Falcon props all brand new in respective packaging, many of the prop below not shown in pics

    Call in orders welcome and encouraged, or text or email 314-256-9987 or ibcinyourc@hotmail.comwww.ibcinyourc.com

    Can send pay-pal invoice will need your email address to send, call in orders welcome can do cc over the phone or if your looking for a different size prop.

    German Beechwood
    19x8 $17.80
    22x8 $24.00
    23x8 $26.50
    24x8 $30
    24x10 $30
    27x10 $43.50
    28x10 $48.00
    Don't see the size your looking for just ask!

    Carbon fiber all come with neoprene prop covers
    16x8 $46.70
    17x6 $48.50
    20x9 $56.00
    20x12 $56
    22x10 $66 (2) available
    23x8 $70
    23x10 $70
    24x9 $73
    24x10 $73
    26x10 $88
    26x12 $88 (3) available
    27x10 $96
    27x11 $96
    29x9 $106
    30x13 $113.50
    30x13W (wide) $113.50
    32x10 $128.00
    Don't see the size your looking for? Just ask! 3-blade props also available along with 2 & 3 blade carbon fiber spinners, 3"-6 inch! email me or call for pricing/availability.

    Shipping cost based on location and how many props ordered USPS priority mail or FedEx insured. 17499403_10154094285510834_941226613612107804_n.jpg
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