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Evan Turner

Discussion in 'Sponsored Pilots Showcase' started by Bartman, May 24, 2016.

  1. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    Evan is 13 years old. He has been flying since the age of 8.

    His sponsors include Pulse batteries and Xpert servos.

    Evan does a lot of imac competition and has attended the Clover Creek Aerodrome camp the last two summers and will be going back again this year. He won AMA NATS in sportsman category in 2014 and placed second in the intermediate class in 2015. He enjoys freestyle as well as IMAC.

    His Freestyle plane is the Extreme Flight 104 inch Extra 300 with DA-120 and Xpert A1 servos with Pulse receiver packs and spektrum DX18 for guidance and Falcon 27x11 prop

    His IMAC plane is the Carden Aircraft 124 inch Extra 300 Pro with the DA-150L & Mejzlik 30x12L prop, Pulse receiver packs, Xpert A1+ servos and JR XG 11 radio for guidance.

    Evan turner.jpg
    Evan Pulse.jpg Evan Turner 2.jpg
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  2. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    Dang! Kids are flying younger and the planes are getting bigger!! I'm sure technology has a lot to do with it, Way to go Evan! I started RC when I was about 12 and reaching heights like this were unheard of!! Of course I couldn't afford the propeller back then anyways ha! Cool man! Don't forget to count your blessings and thank the ones who got you this far!
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  3. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

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  4. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    not bad for 13! wow
  5. N726AC

    N726AC 70cc twin V2

    SW FL
    He's a nice kid/guy too!
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  6. class act all around, Evan and family
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  7. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    both Evan and his dad are good people. I met them last year at the cinci IMAC contest. We had a great time getting to know them and flying against Evan. That kid can definitely fly really well.
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  8. Go Evan!!!
    Wish we could fly together more. Great to see you recognized here. Your flying is great.
    Mr. Kevin is a great guy to be around too. Lots of fun!
    When anyone gets hurt at an event, they go see Evan's Dad. He's an Emergency Medical dude... always knows what to do. Calm and cool under pressure.
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  9. hey son looks like you are famous now........ this of course does not mean you get out of your home chores. don't forget. take out the trash, feed the dogs, vacuum the basement today ! love, dad
  10. garlandk

    garlandk 100cc

    We need a section for Dad!
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