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Corvus Racer 540 100-120cc (108")

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by Bushwacker, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Hey Fella's,

    Does anyone here fly one of these planes, and if so can you tell me/us about it please?
    AeroPlusRC CORVUS RACER 540 100CC (72).JPG
  2. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    I don't really think the Corvus Racer really was very successful in terms of purchases or reviews. That maybe in part to the marketing etc... The plane maybe a great performer but with Aeroplus putting them out and Limitless Aero Rc being the dist (which he failed miserably) could be why the Corvus just didn't get much attention here.

    Sorry but I just don't think you will find much data and I also don't recognize the manufacturer of the one in the pic as well. So in my opinion two major strikes against that plane.
  3. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Yeah pretty sure thats where I pulled the pic from. There is some video and a bit of info out there, was just hoping to get some persona exp with it from someone here. Thanks Mike
  4. outofdenver

    outofdenver New to GSN!


  5. I gots one. Flew the bejeezus out of it, until a dead stick caused its death. Dont have many flights on my new one. But with a new RCGF 120 coming for it, I will get more time on it!

    Mine is the EG brand.
    Last edited: May 19, 2016
  6. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Well the pics look great and everything, but doesn't tell the story on how it fly's On its own merits and against similar aircraft. I haven't been around long enough to know anything about these birds. So just looking for some impartial knowledge with first hand exp on how they fly and how well they are built. :)

    @Bunky.F.Knuckle sorry you lost yours man, bad way to do it. I prefer that if it's gonna wreck --- I go down atleast trying to save it. Dead stick just sux.
  7. N726AC

    N726AC 70cc twin V2

    SW FL
    I still have a couple in stock made by EG, nice hardware, full carbon stuff and spare cowlings, canopys and wheelpants. Shipping is the hard part, they are big ! Can arrange delivery to the Chattanooga 3D Jam or Huck-O-Ween, or pick-up in SW Florida. PM for details.

  8. MarkDennis

    MarkDennis 30cc

    I had the Aeroplus version and absolutely loved it. It flys very similar to an edge so it's rock solid in post stall flight. If/when Mike at mile high RC gets them back in stock with the yellow/white scheme I may grab one. I've got the new Aeroplus Extra 330LT now and it too is very impressive. It's a shame these aeroplus planes aren't more popular, they are incredibly nice in both flight characteristics and build quality.

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