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For Sale Comp Arf Extra 330S 2.6m

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by kevod, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. kevod

    kevod New to GSN!

    For sale is my Comp Arf Extra 330S 2.6m

    Some of the basics:

    DA100L - was serviced by DA early 2018 and has only been flown a small amount of time since that look through
    Hitec servos all around
    Fromeco lithum ion batteries, switches, and regulators
    Includes several Xoar wood props either 26x10 or 27x10
    Wing bag and rudder cover included
    Futaba 6014 receiver included if wanted

    For an extra $200 I will include the Futaba 14SG that I have flown this plane with so all of the programming is setup and ready to go

    The only damage to the plane is the canopy was kicked by accident about 3 years ago - this has since been fixed and covered with an alien sticker and has not been any issue for the many flights since then.
    No other damage has happened to this plane

    I have not charged the batteries in a long time - so it is possible they may need to be replaced
    Fuel lines will need to be replaced likely also

    Asking $2,200 OBO
    canvas3_47f8c9e14888bcf0785324b3c7a833aeed3c3cb6.png canvas4_0ce924f2ad890cfc353bcc9cfb477d71b3c96cac.png canvas6_7f5d01f612398ca0b7bfd5c3390de182e8deaf5d.png canvas8_26f7cde5a2053460046b5e21693fcd7cc04128a0.png canvas10_2829c0f847a4e8c46ab320314ae402ea6f3ee777.png canvas11_2077fe432266f3842a4a3d82d50c9953d3f0efd8.png
    Will deliver within a reasonable distance of SLC, UT for gas cost - no shipping
  2. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    sweet plane!
  3. DGrant

    DGrant New to GSN!

    What model Hitec servos are in this plane? Thanks.
  4. kevod

    kevod New to GSN!

    They are Hitec 5955TG's on all flying surfaces - can't remember for sure what's on the throttle
  5. DGrant

    DGrant New to GSN!

    Great. Thanks much for your prompt reply.


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