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Anyone Going to the Warbirds Over the Rockies this year?

Discussion in 'Other Events' started by tailskid, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    Hope to see a few of you guys there this year.....

  2. I went with a friend of mine from Sundance Wyo. The Friday Afternoon full scale flyby's were AWESOME. With a British Sea fury, A P51 Mustang. and two Jets from the 60's Military show planes a T-33 Shooting Star and the other I was not familiar with, and A C-47 refurbished as a Dc-3. I took many photo's and video's
  3. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    I'm glad you had a good time. VERY nice site to fly at!
  5. FF1CBB85-B447-443B-B994-31888C4504AD.jpeg 4168402E-797F-49B1-A149-BFF5F915782A.jpeg 4168402E-797F-49B1-A149-BFF5F915782A.jpeg The one jet I was impressed with was a F-104 Starfighter flown by Mr. Omeara , the other was the Only Heli there , a Sikorsky Sky Crane with a turbine engine.
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  6. One other section of the show that every one enjoyed was when they had 20 some small electrics in the air all at one time. Looked like a bunch of bees flying around bumping into each other in one spot and with all those planes flying every which way there was only one mid air
    with little damage. Very fun and hilarious to see. All the pilots had a great time in that part of the show
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  7. Here is a short video of one of many full scale fly by"s With a T-33 Shooting Star Air Force Thunder Bird
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  8. Finally started to upload some of the video's I took with my iphone at the War Bird's Over the Rockies in Golden Colo. along the Front Range. Here is one of a Military C-47 refurbished into a Civilian DC-3 awesome low level fly by
    and one more Two WWII War Birs
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  9. Nice fly byes.

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