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ALeeS Rush 750 EVO build thread??

Discussion in 'R/C Helicopters and Drones' started by Bunky.F.Knuckle, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. After a long delay with the situation on Hong Kong, we at ALeeS USA now have a hot, poppin fresh new machine starting to hit the door steps! Mine will be here on Sat.

    I hate to say I'm gonna do a build thread here, but.............. Looks like I just might. In between painting the boys room, cleaning house, airplane repairs, customers airplanes and work........... I might be able to squeeze the build in.

    Some of the items I am going to be installing on this machine.......

    Helix main blades 695mm
    Revolution tail blades 105mm
    Mikado Mini VBar
    Savox 2272 BLS cyclic servos
    Savox 2271 MG BLS tail servo
    Glacier 45C 5000 6S (2 in series) LiPo's
    JR DMSS 8 ch Rx.
    Scorpion 4525-520kV Ultimate or Scorpion 4035-560kV
    CC 120A ESC (entertaining the thought of the Talon 120 with a cont 10A, 20A peak BEC)
    2S Glacier 2600 LiPo Rx pack (possibly)

    None of this would not be possible without sponsors. Thanks ALeeS USA, Scorpion Power Systems, and BuddyRC.

    Here are the specs from the assembly manual.

    Chassis and Drive System:
    - 112T CNC helical main gear modulus 1;
    - 105T CNC auto-rotation gear modulus 1;
    - 23T CNC counter gear modulus 1;
    - 24T bevel gears modulus 1;
    - AleeS all-new, industry's first "TDD" Drive System (patent pending; more details to come);
    - Field replaceable bevel and counter gears;
    - Dual ball bearing supported one-way hub assembly with sprag style clutch bearing;
    - Triple main shaft bearing support;
    - Bridged top bearing block for superior drive system rigidity;
    - Motor shaft end bearing block;
    - Large open saddle style battery pockets for up to 7s packs with room to spare;
    - Ample space for modern electronics placement, ventilation and serviceability;
    - Protective flybarless gyro mounting compartment;
    - Direct servo to swash linkage for reduced parts count;
    - Easy servo install/removal design;
    - Sleek carbon fiber landing skid standard; and
    - Canopy pin break away system.

    Head System:
    - Robust triple radial bearing main blade grips
    - 10mm Super Duty Spindle shaft
    - 1 piece flap Hard 3D dampers
    - Compact center hub
    - AleeS "2SIC" innovative rotor head design (patent pending) combined phasing/pitch/cyclic control levers
    with dual step bearing placement for increased operational precision and low servo loading
    - Heavy duty plastic ball links for today's high-power demands
    - Compact swash plate with maintenance friendly design
    - Stainless steel linkage balls for strength and improved wear resistance
    - Turnbuckle style swash linkage rods; and
    - Turnbuckle style pitch linkage rods

    Tail System:
    - Ultra rigid aluminum tail boom;
    - Ultra rigid torque tube shaft with quad ball bearing support;
    - Split ring tail control rod guides for easy install/removal;
    - Compact tail hub and gear box;
    - Dual supported pitch mechanics;
    - Anti-twist tail case w/ safety locking pin screw; and
    - Dual radial and thrusted tail blade grips.

    - AleeS all-new "Legend II" canopy with superb aerodynamic characteristics;
    - Air-brushed by Canomod.

    - Length: 1185mm (without Canopy)
    - Height: 398mm
    - Width: 185mm
    - Air Frame only with canopy weight: 1.8kg
    - Approximate Ready to fly weight: 5.0kg
    - Main Rotor Diameter w/ 710mm blades : 1608mm
    - Tail Rotor w/115mm blades: 296mm
    - Torque Tube drive gear ratio: 4.57:1
  2. Found this when I opened up a brand new pack of main blades. Haven't heard anything back from the vendor I purchased from. But I know who I can talk to to make this right. ;) Or I'll just fix it and fly the jeepers out of them.

    I got started on the build last nite. It is a really straight forward assembly. So easy, a baby could do it. Well, figuritevly speaking..... a little over 3 hours, and the main frame is 95% done. Just need to mate the main shaft and main gears together to the frame. :)

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