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For Sale 5 X 10 V-nose Trailer

Discussion in 'Field Equipment, Trailers, Camping Gear, etc.' started by Wacobipe, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. 5X 10 trailer for sale : fully insulated walls and roof for heat resistance, this trailer is 59" inside height, 80" total height (fits in any standard garage) and weighs approx. 650-700 lbs. excellent for pulling with car or small truck and the low height reduces drag and has a minimal impact on fuel efficiency with my car during towing. inside length 119" at full width plus additional 22" to the V-nose.

    Trailer can fit 4 giant scale airplanes (50-100cc) if a middle shelf is added. Extensive aircraft track tie down system on floor and walls for maximum flexibility. $1,800. Located in Asheville, NC

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  2. Sold
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