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3D Line Nall Photos

Discussion in 'GSN Event Coverage' started by Mrs.Ratt, May 16, 2015.

  1. ChickenBalls

    ChickenBalls "Cool Guy"

    Simply WOW Thank you @Mrs.Ratt and @Buggie for all these pics. Hey even I made the cut with @Do-rag, @emtp275 an @thelaw
    Do- it was great meeting you and your wife, awesome to see both of you have passion for the sport, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of both you and @Terryscustom BTW you guys are AWESOME for taking all these pics, and sharing.
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  2. Mrs.Ratt

    Mrs.Ratt 70cc twin V2

    Thanks everyone!!
  3. Awesome pics guys!!! You all made it more fun on the Flightline.

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  4. I wanted to add some thanks to those who posted pics. Mrs Ratt and Buggie, thanks for documenting the greatest flight line in the world. I think my plane made it into a few posts (the Blue EF104 with the stars on the SMJ 5" spinner). Anyway, hesitant to add some photos since we don't have the volume, and definitely don't have the quality, pics. Here are a couple just for grins... :way_to_go:

    Attached Files:

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  5. Mrs.Ratt

    Mrs.Ratt 70cc twin V2

    Thanks for sharing!! :woohoo!:

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