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2017 Ice House Fly In, Rockdale, TX

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Rpflyingtaz, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. You all be safe down south...... We have been prepping the field all year to improve it and we will be rolling as soon as we can as well. Also don't forget. Pre-registration is closing at the end of the week. Free shirt and discounted rate. Cost will go up and then limited shirts will available at the event for an additional cost. Don't forget to register now. 55 have registered so far. Have you?

    Again first and foremost be safe.
  2. In just under 3 Weeks from today we will be Rockin and Rolling with the Icehouse Fly In, in Rockdale, Texas. We cater to all ages, all styles and types of RC aviation as well as kite flying. We have the space for all. If you have a passion for flying or want a free Airshow come on out. You wont regret it. You will not meet a more passionate group of enthusiast.

    ***** We will be accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief at the event, as well as donating 5% of the raff...le proceeds to the Relief. Many of of fellow hobbyist have been impacted by the storm and flooding and this is something we can do to help them out. *****

    Don't forget the Friday Night Demolition Derby under the Lights. It is going to be the Epic.

    We have Great Sponsors Lined Up as well we are still working on finalizing some, Please send them your thanks, I know they appreciate it and love to here from you:
    Laines Planes Twisted Hobbies
    Hobbico Chief Aircraft
    Revolution Kites Flex Innovations
    Mile High RC Vigor Sky RC
    PAU Bill Hemple
    BSI B&E
    APC Tru Turn
    GP Engines (we will keep updating)

    Some of the Pilots You will meet:
    Johnathan Jennings, Brian Strachan, Seth Arnold
    Jacob Helber, Shawn Braunagel, Rhett Lambert, Patrick Mason, Laine Stahr, Randy Spats Hinton, Ed Kranz, Eddie Acoba, Stacey Butler, Humberto Perez, Jared Clark Ty Keith and many more...

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